Welcome to THE RADIO SHIP, Bringing Back Radio From The High Seas. Launched on Radio Caroline's official 50th Birthday, Easter Saturday April 19th 2014, THE RADIO SHIP is a celebration of offshore radio from around the world, in particular Radio Caroline, which started the UK offshore radio boom in 1964.

The first major European offshore station was Radio Mercur launched in December 1958 from the Swedish coast.

The history of the European offshore stations continued through the 60's 70's and 80's when Radio Caroline finally lost her 26 year battle with European Governments in 1990.

As well as Europe, stations also popped up off the coast of the USA, and even New Zealand. Offshore Radio continued off the coast of Israel into the 1990's but they had all gone, until now, because they are all back on board

Hear the original offshore radio DJ's from the high seas, along with the music of the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's, and the original jingles, in a "LIVE" music log. It's as if the stations are still out there at sea, and you don't have to tune around, because all the stations are right here on board our virtual radio ship The M.V. Freddie.

You can hear THE RADIO SHIP by selecting your chosen player just below, You can also hear us on mobile and tablet via the TuneIn ap, RadioTime, vTuner, and many more listening platforms, SEARCH: THE RADIO SHIP and most WiFi Internet Radios in the UK location at the numerical end of the list.

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