06-00 - 9-00 UK Time Breakfast Special. The start of a new day on board The MV Freddie with the Radio Ship DJ's playing all your favourite songs from the 50's, 60's 70's and 80's from all the offshore stations.
09-00 - 12-00 UK Time Music While You Work. More of your favourite songs to get you through your busy morning.

12-00 - 14-00 UK Time Midday Spin. Great songs to enjoy over lunch.

14-00 - 18-00 UK Time Afternoon Delight. Music and memories from the high seas.

18-00 - 19-00 UK Time The 50's and 60's at Six. Music from your favourite 60's offshore stations.

19-00 - 20-00 UK Time The 70's at seven. Music from your favourite 70's offshore stations.

20-00 - 21-00 UK Time The 80's at Eight. Music from your favourite 80's offshore stations.

21-00 - 22-00 UK Time Nice & Easy. Music from Radio 390, Britain Radio, Radio Invicta, K.I.N.G Radio, Radio Essex, Capital Radio (From the MV King David)

22-00 - 00-00 UK Time Night Ride. Under the bedclothes with your favourite music, and those familiar voices behind the microphone.

00-00 (Midnight) UK Time Night Shift. All your favourite offshore stations keeping you company through the night.

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